Amazing Heists - Dillinger

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Amazing Heists – Dillinger is a game in the hidden object genre. In this game, players assist John Dillinger, a well-known criminal in history, in robbing banks across the United States. Rumors say that the money he stole from banks he gave to the poor during the time of the Great Depression, earning for him the moniker “Modern Day Robin Hood”. Players select the members of their gang and attempt to steal money without getting caught. Each gang member has his own talent or strength; players must decide which member to choose to help out on each heist.

The game features seven bank robberies to accomplish. While robbing banks, players must keep the patrons from leaving the bank. They must also be able to crack the safe, get the money from the vault, and escape within one minute.

Locating hidden objects is just a part of the game; players also engage in challenging minigames along the way to help them earn bonus items. The game gives players hints on where hard-to-find items are located. If players find the hint object, they will earn an extra hint. Extra hints can also be earned after finding the five colored keys in a hidden object scene. Players can only have three hints at any given time.