Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret is a single player puzzle game developed by Spin Top Games. The story tells of a legend of a Spanish ship loaded with gold. According to lore, the ship vanished in the Caribbean Sea. The lost treasure is called the “Caribbean Secret”. The game is set during the days when pirates were still prowling the Caribbean Ocean.

The player’s mission is to find the Caribbean Secret. To do this, the player solves puzzles that contain clues. These clues help the player locate where the legendary Caribbean treasure is. The player needs to complete over 100 levels to succeed in the game. The game is available in three modes:

• Find the Secret Treasure mode
• Unlimited Seek & Find mode
• Unlimited Match 3 mode

To win, the player needs to locate over 2000 treasures. These treasures are distributed within 25 locations in the Caribbean. The player needs to piece together clues to solve the puzzles in all modes. The player can also participate in eight mini-games which include Jigsaw, Spot the Difference, and Match 3. In addition to the main game modes and mini-games, there are two more bonus games. The bonus games can be unlocked when the player collects all hidden skulls.