Amazing Adventures Special Edition Bundle

SpinTop Games (Shareware)

Amazing Adventures Special Bundle Edition consists of two games from the Amazing Adventures instalment of games. The two versions included are Amazing Adventures: Around the World and Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb. This allows users two play two adventures in one. Amazing Adventures is an HOG (hidden object game) where players go to different locations and search for objects in a scene.

In The Lost Tomb, players must visit Egypt in search for the lost tomb. In Around the World, players must go to different locations around the world to look for a diamond. In each location, a list of items that need to be found is displayed on the bottom part of the screen. The item will be crossed out once it has been found. The levels are also timed, so players must find all the items before time runs out. However, there is also a Relaxed game mode where there is no time limit. A hint button is available in the event that players have a hard time looking for a certain item hidden in the scene. Apart from the hidden object game, the game also presents players with other puzzles that need to be solved.

In this game bundle, players get to visit 47 different locations around and world and look for more than 4,000 items in different scenes.