Amarok (Audio Player)

KDE Education Project (Freeware)

Amarok (Audio Player) is a music player that functions with varying operating platforms. It is considered as an open source player which can be used to play different types of audio files.  The user interface is comprehensive and intuitive yet highly organized. All audio files are arranged by name, date, and category. Users can also rely on Web searches to retrieve other relevant information about the audio files.

The Amarok (Audio Player) was created under the KDE Education Project organization but was released independently by its developers on June 2003. It is a powerful audio player that can run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS systems. It is an efficient audio file player that supports various extensions. Aside from being able to play music well, the program also provides its users with the ability to enjoy streamed podcasts. This is possible because of the program's built-in podcast synchronization element.

Another key feature of the Amarok (Audio Player) application is its support component for USB storage. This means that it can easily process files on an external hard drive and import or export files to and from the system and disk. When installed, users can also gain access to a direct and integrated MP store powered by Amazon.