AmaRecCo 3.10

amaman (Freeware)

AmaRecCo is an application used for capturing the desktop screen. This program is useful for creating tutorials, presentations, and demonstrations. It is portable, so users can save the program in the hard drive and use it with other computers. It does not need to be installed in the computer in order for it to work.

The program has two windows – the first window is used for recording and the second window is for configuring the settings of the application. On the recording window, users can see the start and stop button, as well as the CPU usage, recording time, and the entire file size of the video that is currently being recorded. The configuration window consists of several tools and options for recording. Some of settings that the user can tweak are the following:

• Hot Key – Users can set hot keys for start, stop, and pause. This eliminates the need to click the buttons on the recording window. Instead, users can just use the keyboard to control the application.
• Region – This is where users can set the width and height for the video recording. Users can also move the position of the recording window to the area that needs to be recorded.
• Video – The video’s quality can be changed, too. This includes the frame rate, RGB format used, and the codec used.