AMA Family Medical Guide

Dorling Kindersley Multimedia (Proprietary)

AMA Family Medical Guide is the compact disc version of the American Medical Association’s Family Medical Guide book. This home health reference contains easily-understandable explanations of over 650 disorders and diseases as well as discussions on health issues. It also provides family-friendly and practical advice on preventive health care. This medical guide also contains hundreds of photographs and illustrations as well as 99 interactive diagnostic symptom charts that can help users assess and evaluate the severity of medical problems so they can take action accordingly.

One of the educational visual devices in the AMA Family Medical Guide is the use of color diagrams to explain in detail the body’s anatomy. The color diagrams shows how the body’s vital parts function and interact with one another. This CD program is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface so users can easily find the information they are looking for, whether it is about a disorder, first aid care, or practical tips for a better health and nutrition. In addition, this program also has numerous pop-up screens for extensive cross-referencing.

Among the topics discussed in this medical reference program are weight loss, pregnancy and childbirths, infertility, home caregiving, genetic testing, preventive health, and learning disabilities. It also has sections on helpful Q&As that tackle frequently asked questions.