AM-DeadLink 4.6

Aignesberger Software GmbH (Freeware)

AM-DeadLink is an application that looks for dead links and duplicate items in the computer. The program is capable of checking the favorites folder in web browsers, the saved bookmarks, HTML files, and text files. In the event that a bookmark link is unavailable, the program is able to verify if the link is dead and deletes it from the web browser. AM-DeadLink supports different web browsers, such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

The program’s interface is simple. It displays the type of file, the name of the website, the URL, error, and the status. The bottom part of the window displays the page. The application searches for the dead links as soon as the program is launched. There are some cases wherein the application does not automatically detect the web browser. When this happens, the user can set the options to manually set the path of the bookmarked files to be checked. The monitored links can be exported as a separate file, too.

Apart from checking and deleting dead links and duplicate items, AM-DeadLink also allows users to download Favicons for all the items saved inside the favorites and bookmarks folder. Favicons are shortcut icons that appear beside the links on the address bar.