Altova StyleVision

Altova Inc. (Shareware)

Altova StyleVision is a program that allows the user to create reports and forms from multiple source formats. It supports XML, XBRL, and data content to HTML, RTF, Word, and PDF conversion. The user can access database records and XML and XBRL files. These can be processed and saved in 5 different output formats to generate a functional web application. It includes wizard tools for designing stylesheets for financial reports with charts from XBRL formats.

Altova StyleVision includes multiple templates for handling standard XML vocabularies like DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) and DocBook and allows the user to create templates for their own use. Blueprint images can be uploaded by the user as a template for the users’ design. The program can create advanced XSLT stylesheets and electronic forms with the automatic stylesheet writing feature.  A layout-based model or a document flow output can be selected by the user when presenting a visual design. Stylesheets created by the user are allowed to be based on XML schematics and other database structures, and may support complex tables, contents, formatting, logic validation, and direct template filtering. The program allows use of authentic forms so the user can directly access and edit databases and XML Documents without exposure to the underlying technology.

Altova StyleVision can generate reports to analyze and present information from XML and XBRL types in print formats and online databases.