Altium Designer 10

Altium Limited (Shareware)

Altium Designer Release 10 is a unified electronic product development software developed and released by Altium Limited in June 2010. It is designed to answer all electronic development process needs. This program features a FPGA, printed circuit board, and embedded software design functionality.

Altium Designer Release 10 features a schematic capture module that enables users to create and edit electronic circuit boards, a component library management, and SPICE mixed-signal circuit stimulation. It also provides schematic a document editing functionality that enables users to execute component placement, design rule definition, and connectivity editing. Component distributor integration enabling users to search and find data and manufacturer information about components is also provided. Pre-layout signal integrity analysis, multi-channel and hierarchical schematics , as well as reporting and BoM facilities are included in the program.

The program also offers a Circuit Board which is a design module that enables users to execute component placement and component footprint library management. It can also perform manual and automatic trace routing, the latter enabling users to perform multiple trace routing, gate-swapping, and pin-swapping. This program also supports automated multi-channel routing and layout, and interactive 3D board editing and signal integrity analysis. Users may also export MCAD files to STEP. Program development tools also feature VHDL debugging and simulation, as well as Signal integrity and PCB design synchronization.