Altitude Map Editor

Nimbly Games, LLC. (Shareware)

Altitude Map Editor is a component of Altitude, a 2D aerial shooter combat game. The editor enables users to make custom maps. The maps may be hosted on the game’s server and played by other players online. The interface of the editor is easy to use and map creation is simple using the application’s basic functions. Users can make use of their own graphics and images; they can also make use of existing artistic elements in the game’s maps. The editor comes with a step-by-step guide on how to make maps to assist first-time users in map creations and modification.

With the Altitude Map Editor, users will be able to do the following:
• Change game modes – users can set a game mode for their maps.
• Add parallax backgrounds – this feature enables users to create the illusion of depth. When viewed from side to side, the objects in the distance seem to move in a slower speed than those in the foreground.
• Place sprites and textures – sprites are the images placed on the map. It can be a photo, a cartoon, or a simple doodle. Textures may also be placed anywhere on the map.
• Share maps – users can export their maps into a format that may be downloaded by other users.
• Modify object appearance – users may also change the color and opacity level of any object on an existing map.