Altitude 1

Nimbly Games (Shareware)

Altitude is a 2D side-scrolling aerial combat game developed and published by Nimbly Games. The goal of this multiplayer game is to compete with other fighter planes to dominate the skies. Players are divided into two teams and each member gets to control one plane. There is a total of five planes that players can choose from, but most of them need to be unlocked by going through certain levels. Each of the planes possesses a different set of agility, speed, health, and weaponry attributes – all of which affect the general performance of a plane and the player using it. The first aircraft accessible to players is the Loopy and after more playing time, the Bomber, Explodet, Biplane, and Miranda are unlocked.

In order to turn and accelerate the planes, players must use the arrow keys, while weapons can be picked up by pressing the D, F, and S keys. Players can also unlock various bonuses during the course of the game as well as select three upgrades at the same time. The first is a plane-specific weapon upgrade that includes bombs and mines, the second for speed and health, and the third for energy and damage. Useful items scattered randomly scattered around the battlefield such as health, missiles, and shields can also be collected.