AltDesk 1.9.1

Gladiators Software (Shareware)

AltDesk is an application that allows users to have several virtual desktops. This is useful when the user has to have several programs open at the same time. It is also a handy tool for multitasking. Switching between the different virtual desktops can be done easily. The desktops can have different categories that consist of programs for each task the user has to do. With this application, users can customize the programs that are active and the appearance of each desktop window. There is no limit to the amount of virtual desktops that the user can create.

Users can change the settings for each virtual desktop that they create. Customization can be done under the Preferences window. Some of the settings that can be configured include the desktop’s interface, and skin. The hotkeys, and advanced options for the virtual desktop can also be accessed under the Preferences window.

Here are the other features of the AltDesk program:

• Allows users to easily manage all the computer tasks
• Does not hog system resources
• Program can be used by both novice and advanced computer users
• Has a one-key press security feature for hiding the desktop in an instant
• Users have complete control over each virtual desktop