Altap Salamander 2.54

ALTAP (Shareware)

Altap Salamander, previously called Servant Salamander, is a Windows file manager application developed by Altap. Its development began in 1996 and was first released in 1997. The program offers a two-panel user interface that supports almost all file formats and common archives. It is used for managing different types of files offering basic file management operations, such as rename, edit, delete, view, move, and create file/directory.

Aside from basic operations, Altap Salamander also offers advanced operations. It can be used to compare directories, change file attributes, change name cases, convert files encoding, and more. The program also offers security and privacy features. It can be configured to clear the viewed files as well as browsing history. It can also be used to encrypt/decrypt files. A Password Manager function is also available for keeping WinSCP and FTP bookmark passwords encrypted. Integration features are available as well. It provides users integration with editors, viewers, virtual file systems, and archivers. Aside from this, the program’s appearance can be customized as well based on user preference. Network connectivity features are available as well. It supports common network protocols including FTPS, SFTP, and SCP. Users can also work with archived files with this program. It supports most archive formats allowing users to browse and extract archived files. It also features search and navigation functions for finding and browsing files.