ALSong 1.9

ESTsoft Corp. (Freeware)

ALSong is a music player that allows users to access the lyrics of songs. The program’s interface shows the main controls of the music player, as well as an equalizer. The upper right portion of the window shows the playlist, and the lower part displays the lyrics as the song is played. The program has over a million song lyrics in the database and it can recognize songs that are played instantly. However, if the song is not included in the database, users can search for the lyrics and connect it to the player. The lyrics display is customizable, too. Users can set the font, size and font color for the lyrics.

Another feature of the application is the Language Learner, which allows users to slow down the speed of the audio in order to listen carefully to the words and music. The language learner has different settings including speed settings and pitch shift. Users can also create mixed music albums with ALSong. Songs from different albums can be created and saved to a USB thumb drive. In addition, there are free music downloads that come with the application.

Comprehensive help videos can be viewed on the program’s website. The program supports different formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE, and OGG.