ALSee Movie Maker

ESTsoft Corp. (Freeware)

ALSee Movie Maker is a program used for creating home movies or slideshows. It is a simple tool that enables users to create movies from photos. It is a simple program with a wizard interface, which makes it easy to use even for novice computer users.

Creating a movie can be done in just a few simple steps. After opening the main window, pictures can be added to the program’s Photo Library. Choose all the photos to be used for the movie and click the ‘Movie’ button. All the images will be displayed under ‘Edit Play Order’. The order of the photos can be changed by clicking on the ‘<’ and ‘>’ button under the preview window. The order of photos can also be changed by dragging and dropping the images. There are also Add and Delete buttons. When the photos are ready, users can add background music to complement the photos.

ALSee Movie Maker provides other options, such as the display time per photo and the saving options. There are several saving options to choose from (low quality to high quality). The settings information is also displayed on the options window. Click the ‘Make’ button to start creating the movie. All movies created with the program are saves as WMV.