ALSee 6.22

ESTsoft Corp. (Shareware)

The ALSee application is a photo management tool that consists of two programs – an image viewer and a photo editor. ALSee supports 23 image formats, including BMP, GIF, IMG, JPG, TIFF, WMF, and many more. The software can be used both by beginners, since the interface is simple and all the tools are easy to use.

The image viewer offers users three types of viewing modes. These are browse mode, zoom mode, and full screen mode. Aside from that, users can also view photos in a slideshow set with background music. An mp3 of WAV file must be placed inside the folder with the photos that are going to be used in the slideshow in order for it to play automatically. The slideshow uses the Alpha Blending effect when transitioning from one photo to another.  In zoom mode, up to four photos can be displayed on the screen at once. This can feature is helpful when comparing photos.

The photo editor provides users some basic editing tools. There are frames to choose from for enhancing photos. Other features of the editing tool are resizing images, soft focus, cut image, saturation, and many more. Users can also make photos more interesting by adding text, speech bubbles, and shapes or stamps.