AlphaCom 9.0

OmniCom Technologies, Inc. (Shareware)

Developed by OmniCom Technologies, AlphaCom is a full-featured, multisession terminal emulator for Microsoft Windows. A terminal emulator, otherwise called a “tty”, is a program that emulates a text-based system terminal. It is usually then displayed inside another graphical user interface. There are differences between an actual text terminal and a terminal window. Typically text terminals are not run within another graphical user interface. However, terminals that are inside a window or within another graphical user interface are called “terminal windows.”

AlphaCom provides flexible and powerful terminal emulation for Microsoft Windows. It supports SSH, direct RS-232, dial-up modems, dynamic font sizing, file transfers, automated user login, and Telnet. The file transfer function on the program supports multiple protocols. It also supports free LPD and pass-through printing support. Ping, traceroute, host lookup and other basic features and functions are also available. Included with the package is an ActiveX developer toolkit, an international character set which means very good localization, a scrollback buffer, and the ability to launch from the default web browser. The developers have also included the handy ability for users to be able to save their individual session files. This allows revisiting of previous sessions if the users deem it necessary.