Alphabet Express

School Zone Interactive (Proprietary)

Alphabet Express is an educational program geared towards kids ages 3 to 5. The program comes with several activities to make learning fun and interesting for toddlers. It focuses on the learning the alphabet, which is the first lesson in learning how to read. The program has a conductor that guides kids through the different lessons and activities that are available in the program. There are also various characters that children will meet along the way.

Here are the key features of the Alphabet Express application:

• Alphabet Menu – This lesson will take kids through the letters of the alphabet.
• Letter Scenes – In Letter Scenes, kids learn about letter sounds. Users must click on objects in the scene that begin with the letter provided at the top portion of the window.
• Dot to Dot Puzzles – These puzzles allow kids to finish the picture by connecting the dots with lines.

In addition to the three activities in the program, there are also maze puzzles, a firehouse game, and hidden letter picture games. The program also comes with 78 coloring activities that are similar to a physical coloring book. Skills that the educational program cover include letter and sound association, vocabulary building, alphabetical order, and uppercase and lowercase recognition.