Alpha Prime

Black Element Software (Shareware)

Alpha Prime is a video game that is developed by Black Element Software.  This game was released on “OnLive,” a cloud gaming service. The gaming environment presented by this game is an interactive one. The mechanics of Alpha Prime includes a “bullet time” system and a hacking system as well. This is a first person shooter computer game that was first released in 2007. Alpha Prime is written by Ondrei Neff.

The game play is an interesting combination of puzzle solving game and a first-person shooter game. The players ofAlpha Prime can enjoy 10 different mission levels, eight futuristic weapons, and vehicles that can be used by the player. Alpha Prime presents users with 14 enemy types. This game is characterized by unrelenting action that is fast-paced and stimulating.

The plot of Alpha Prime involves three friends who need to accomplish a mission on the asteroid named “Alpha Prime.” The State Business Federation closed the asteroid because of the complaint from miners working on hubbardium deposits. This mineral is an important resource since it us used as fuel for interstellar transportation. The asteroid was sealed and Arnold Weiss, the protagonist need to rescue a friend named Warren Reynolds with the help of another friend, Livia.