Almeza MultiSet 8.6.0

Almeza Company (Shareware)

Almeza Multiset is a security tool for creating unattended program and Windows installation. Developed by Almeza Company, the program is capable of automatically installing Windows operating system without defining username, time, locale settings, and product keys as well as various applications. After installing the program, MultiSet automatically records all of the user’s actions. This avoids writing codes or scripts.

Almeza Multiset provides the following functions and features:

• Bootable USB Flash Drive Creation – The program can be used for creating bootable USB flash drivers. These bootable USBs can then be used for automatic installation of software as well as Windows operating system onto a PC.
• Automatic Windows Installation – MultiSet also allows creation of CD/DVD installer to automatically install Windows to a computer. The program can create an installer capable of installing Windows in various modes including Windows repair or complete reinstallation.
• Automatic Software Installation – Aside from Windows OS, MultiSet can also be used for creating software installers to be used on computers. After the program is done installing Windows, it can automatically install drivers, service packs, localizations, and any other software required by the user.
• Remote Automatic Installation – The program can also create installers that can be installed via local networks. The created installer is automatically installed on several computers that are connected in the network.