Allway Sync 12.3.3

Botkind, Inc. (Freeware)

Allway Sync is a program that synchronizes two files. It utilizes synchronization algorithms in order to sync the data between two files. The application has a simple interface, but there are several options and settings that users can change to perform file synchronization. Files and folders are displayed in two separate fields. Files can be imported from the computer’s hard drive, a removable storage device, and even from online sources.

Some of the tasks that can be done with the program include renaming, editing, and cloning files. Two versions of the same document can be compared to track the changes that were made. After adding files to the program, click the ‘Analyze’ button and the program will display the differences between the files. Users can also manage their files by viewing All Files, Unchanged Files, or New Files. Synchronization rules can be set before doing tasks, too.

Here are other tasks that can be done with the file synchronization application:
• Sync data between a laptop and a desktop computer
• Synchronize more than two directories
• Directory synchronization
• Back-up files on a local area network or over the Internet
• On-screen hints

Allway Sync is fully customizable with skins and language settings. Beginners can also read the wide-range of help files, which can be accessed from the program’s main menu.