AllMyNotes Organizer 2.69

Vladonai Software ( (Shareware)

AllMyNotes Organizer is an information management application that allows users to store personal data, memos, schedules, important documents, and passwords in a secure location. All information saved in the program is secured with 1800-bit encryption. The program has a Visual Global Search feature for advanced searching of files and stored in the program. The program’s interface is simple and intuitive. There is a tree view of the folders, a toolbar editor, and an advanced text editor, too. Additionally, users can designate icons for each folder on the list.

Here are the other features of the AllMyNotes Organizer program:
• Alarms and Reminders – allows users to insert alarms on document text, notes, and folders
• Back up of files – users can schedule the program to perform backups of all the stored content
• History of changes – the program keeps a history of all the changes made to a file
• Password generator – the application has a built-in password generator for creating strong passwords for online accounts
• Phone dialer – users can call Skype numbers and other call provider applications from the program

Users can also import (txt, csv, rtf, knt, etc.) and export (txt, html, and rtf) information to and from the AllMyNotes Organizer program.