Alligator Flash Designer 8.0.24

Selteco (Shareware)

Alligator Flash Designer is a program that allows users to create animations for websites. These flash-based animations can be used to create banners, videos, slide-shows, and even clipart. Users can import pictures and screenshots that will be used to create a flash animation. Other styling features include the ability to add shapes and curves in the design. 3D is also supported. Other basic tools include the ability to launch FTP and insert a hyperlink. Position can be maintained through various ruler tools such as aligning of objects, enabling grids, and item resizing.

Alligator Flash Designer can let users create frames. Changing frames is also possible. Other frame options include making it transparent, creating clones, drawing shapes, editing lines, and gradient fill. Buttons are also supported. They can have a 3D effect or glow effects depending on the user’s choice. Sound can be imported effortlessly in Flash. Sprites can also be converted and colors can be balanced.

Other features of Alligator Flash Designer are the following:

• Uses only a minimum amount of the system’s resources.
• Presence of a help file that can help users that are stuck in a problem
• Has a wizard that can guide the user to be familiar with the product.
• Loop Animations