ALLDATA Utility Application

ALLDATA (Proprietary)

ALLDATA Utility Application is a utility from ALLDATA which is a known provider of OEM repair and services. This program is widely used in the automotive service industry. Shops that offer related collision services can make use of ALLDATA Utility Application as well. The main advantages of using this utility are improvements in the quality of repairs and in the processes employed by professional technicians in automotive shops.

This program ensures that the repairs conducted by shops are up to manufacturer standards with the provision of diagrams and procedures that are vehicle-specific. With ALLDATA DTCs and TSBs are readily accessible and therefore guesswork is eliminated.

ALLDATA Utility Application is the result of studies from experts in the field and is currently used by more than 300,000 personnel worldwide. This program is a prime source of repair, maintenance and OE direct diagnosis. The information used is gleaned from comprehensive database that contains data about 33,000 vehicles. Updated and accurate information is available to anyone with computer access 24/7. This program improves the efficiency of the work done in automotive shops. In addition, it also helps conserve resources and minimize expenses.

This application can be launched at scheduled times via the Windows Task Scheduler.