All Zombies Must Die!

Epic Games, Inc. (Shareware)

All Zombies Must Die! Is an RPG (role-playing game) that tasks players to kill hordes of zombies in order to survive. Players have the option to choose which character to control in the game. There are four characters with unique weapons. The characters are alien Luxo, scientist Brian, Rachel, and Jack. The game takes place in Deadhill, a small town that has been attacked by zombies. Players can use different types of weapons including chainsaws, swords, and shotguns. There are different quests that must be completed in the game in order to progress through the storyline. Players must also collect different items that are beneficial to the gameplay.

Users can level up their characters and create new and more powerful weapons out of collected items. Different weapons are useful as there are also different types of zombies that appear in the game, some of them bigger and harder to beat than others. These zombies are also affected by shock, sonic, radiation, and fire.

Other features of the All Zombies Must Die! game are the following:

• Support for local co-op of four players
• Different characters to choose from
• Plenty of challenges to finish
• Bonuses from challenges add to permanent multipliers
• Characters can be levelled up