All Video Splitter

Zealot soft (Freeware)

All Video Splitter is a utility application developed by Zealot soft that helps users edit and modify the contents of a file that contains video. With this application, users can extract parts of a video and save it into an entirely separate file. Another notable feature that the program has is its ability to convert a video into a different file format. These include such commonly used file types as AVI, Windows Media Video, and Xvid. Mobile video file types are also supported, including those that were popular in the past but are rarely used today, like 3GP.

Video snippets can be extracted from a file through a variety of methods. Two of the most common techniques of extracting multimedia from a file are handled by the application. For users who are acquainted with “What You See is What You Get” editing, they can pick a segment of video by selecting from multiple frames presented on the screen as static thumbnail previews. At the same time, editors who prefer precise copying methods may accomplish the task by specifying the exact periods within the video that needs to be extracted.

Automated processes are also available from within the program’s interface. One such tool allows users to divide a video into parts of equal length, all of which can be saved as individual files that are independent of the original video.