All Video Converter 4.3.5

Zealotsoft Inc (Shareware)

All Video Converter is an application primarily used for converting video files into a variety of formats. Supported video formats include AVI, 3GP, and MP4. For each format, there is also a way to change the converted video's video quality, size, and audio compression. After the file has been converted, it can be played on applications such as Windows Media Player. It can also be transferred to devices like the iPhone and various MP4 players.

To use the program, the user first loads the video file into the interface. This is possible through the "add file" button, which is located at the upper right portion of the window. The program allows adding multiple files at once. The application will proceed to convert them one by one at the user's prompt. Some files on queue can be removed from the list. Alternately, if the program is already converting the file, the conversion process can be paused. This is usually done to prioritize other files being converted on queue. One the file is on the interface, its settings can be configured. Options such video size, frame rate, and channel can be set and tweaked. These parameters can also be left alone. If that is the case, the program will use the default parameters for each video format.