All That Chords! 3.2

Olivier Gortais (Freeware)

All That Chords! is a music application that serves as a virtual keyboard. It assists users in playing a certain chord by showing them how the keys must be pressed. This application automatically displays the staff symbols in both g and f clef. Users will be able to see the notation in chord or arpeggio form, as well as the names of the musical notes in from C to D or in the Do, Re, Mi. In addition, this application plays the sound of a specific chord, and can also analyze and identify a chord that has been played on the virtual keyboard. This application contains a large number of musical chords that can be seen in the normal way or in their inverted shapes.

This application can also help users learn about musical scales, including Blues, Dorian, Pentatonic, and Major scales. The chords and patterns played by the user may be saved as MIDI files. The MIDI support extends to the hardware—users can use a MIDI keyboard to play chords with, and the application will analyze the chords and identify them.

All That Chords has a simple interface. The main window is divided into four panes. One pane contains the virtual keyboard, the second one contains the chord types, the third consists of the notes that make up the cord, and the last one shows a hand resting on piano keys.