all sound editor for all sound recorder xp

MP3DO,Inc (Proprietary)

All Sound Editor for All Sound Recorder XP is a powerful recorder tool. It does not only record sounds but it can also be an editor and music player. It is an XP version of Sound Recorder, which can be used for Windows XP. Moreover, XP is a 9x advanced version of Microsoft Windows, which has improved features for security, stability, and efficiency.

The All Sound Editor for All Sound Recorder XP enables users to record sounds and play these back through the sound card and all other sound sources. Sound sources can be a microphone, CD, DVD, audio tape player, Telephone data, and more. This sound editor has the following features:

• Recorder - It has a sound data active recording technology. It can be done by using a microphone or another type of input device. It has the capability to set parameters that would depend on the requirements of the user.
• Editor – When the user has recorded a sound, it is free to be edited. Users can apply effects for enhancement, test the sound, and also compress the file.
• Enhancement – It is featured to have “ID3 editor” (a small and simple editor that offers the ability to edit for their preferred sound quality) and an open file menu list. Small bugs are fixed and filters are also provided for users.
• Supported formats – Supports a variety of audio formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, and WMA.