All Free Video Converter

AllFreeVideoSoft (Freeware)

All Free Video Converter is a simple application that allows users to convert files to different video formats, such as 3GP, WAV, OGG, MP3, MP4 and many others to different audio and video formats. It utilizes a Wizard interface that displays instructions to aid users who are not familiar with navigating complex applications. It has the capability to convert video in batches at high speed. There are also presets are available to convert files in high quality.

All Free Video Converter converts video files in three simple steps. First, the user needs to input the media files, which need to be converted. The initial user interface has 11 buttons on the screen with 5 on the rightmost portion. These are Add Videos, Delete, Clear, Move Up and Move Down. The Move Up and Move Down buttons are used to change the order of the conversion. The central portion of the screen will display videos selected, duration, bit rate, and dimension. The second step is where the user set the configuration which includes output folder, output format and output quality. The last step is the actual conversion where the user will be give an accurate estimate of the duration of the conversion as well as a visual progress bar.