All Free ISO Creator 3.1.9

All Free Video Converter (Shareware)

All Free ISO Creator is an application used for creating ISO images from files currently existing on the computer. ISO images are used for backing up data. The disc created using the software is bootable, which means that it can load automatically. When the program is first started, the user is guided with by a program wizard during the step-by-step process of creating the ISO disc.

To use the program, the user must first provide a name for the new disc being created. After that, the user can add the files that will be put on the disc. This can be done through the file browser. Once the browser is opened, the user can then search for the file on the computer. The file system can be created after that. There is the option to make the disc bootable or not. If it is bootable, it can start automatically. The user can then start with the ISO creation process. While the program is creating the ISO disc, a progress bar can be seen at the bottom of the interface. This progress bar displays the time left until the disc is finished. When completed, the ISO can now be used. The program uses minimal to moderate system resources.