Alive MP4 Converter

Alive Media (Freeware)

Alive is a software application that converts videos saved in any format to the MP4 video file type. A utility can convert video formats like QuickTime and Window Media Video into the MPEG-4 file standard. The program provides full support for the H.264 codec, which means that videos converted by the application can be played on almost all mobile devices, including portable media players like Creative Zen Vision and iRiver, as well as defunct gadgets like Microsoft’s Zune player.

Aside from its flagship feature of converting any video into an MP4 file, Alive MP4 Converter also has the capability to convert existing MP4 videos into “open” formats like Xvid and the MPEG standard. Its shell integration feature allows users to convert videos from Windows Explorer into MP4 files without the need to open a third-party application. This is possible by selecting the option to convert a selected file when its context menu is opened.

While the intuitive context commands are designed for ease of use for novice users, Alive MP4 Converter also offers advanced tools for experienced professionals. These advanced tools are available by opening the Alive application itself. Notable features in the program include the ability to convert files with a single click and drag-and-drop capabilities.