Alive MP3 WAV Converter

AliveMedia (Shareware)

Alive MP3 WAV Converter is a program that enables users to convert OGG, VOX, WAV, MP3, and WMA files from one format to another. It is an ideal program for users who have multiple files in formats that are not supported by certain types of media players. With this application, users do not have to install a separate application just to be able to play a particular file type. For instance, VOX files cannot be played in Windows Media Player. Users simply need to convert their VOX files to WMA format so these can be played back using their Media Player. This would save on computer resources, as the user would only need this conversion program instead of installing a separate VOX player.

To convert files, users simply need to use Windows Explorer to access the folder containing the files to be converted. They can then right-click on the files to launch the options menu, and select “Convert to”, which will bring up a submenu where users can select an option from converting to WAV. OGG, VOX, and WMA. Users can also choose to convert the file to MP3. Files may be converted using predefined settings. Batch processing is supported, so users can converted multiple files at the same time.