Aliens vs Predator

Rebellion Developments (Proprietary)

Aliens vs. Predator is a First Person Shooter game developed by Rebellion Developments and released by Sega in February 2010. It is a survival horror science fiction game based on the Alien vs. Predator franchise. Aliens vs. Predator features three single-player campaign modes—the Aliens, the Predators, and the Colonial Marines. Aliens vs. Predator also features a Multiplayer mode where the three races fight against each other.

Alien Campaign gameplay features short-range fights, wall-climbing, stealth kills, and seeking enemies behind walls and harvesting them as hosts. Predator Campaign gameplay features focus jumping from tree branch to tree branch and a variety of vision modes including Heat vision which renders Marines visible but Aliens almost unseen. Alien vision works the other way while regular vision lets the player see the surroundings and other predators more clearly. Predators can cloak themselves and participate in both long range and short range combats. Predators perform trophy kills. Colonial Marine Campaign mode allows players to play as Marines where a variety of weapons are available including flamethrowers and Smartguns, which can automatically track enemies.

Aliens vs. Predator game plot starts off in different timelines depending on which campaign the player chooses. Alien campaign starts off inside a laboratory where Specimen 6, a chestbuster, emerges from the mouth of the host instead of the chest. Eventually, Specimen 6 begins a hive inside a nearby refinery. Predator Campaign starts off with a call for help on a nearby planet, where upon their arrival, they destroyed a US Marine ship that was also on the planet. The Marine Campaign starts off with Rookie, the US Marine player, inside USS Marlow, which was destroyed by the Predator ship coming out of cloak. They encounter Specimen 6, which has become the new queen of the hive.