Alien Stars

AWEM Studio (Freeware)

Alien Stars is a shoot-em game that combines the classic attributes of an arcade game with the best features of a space shooting game. It was developed by AWEM Studio and was release to the public in 2005.

At the start of the game, the players are asked to create their own profile and choose their space ship. After choosing their ship, the players will receive their first mission from the game. Each mission corresponds to a level. To get to the next level, the players must defeat the boss, who only emerges at the end of each level.

The players’ star ship is equipped with the ammunition that they have chosen. During game play, they can acquire bonuses like shields and power ups that make their attack stronger. Upgrades, which can be purchased from the item shop is also made available in the game.

The features of the game are listed below:

• 11 challenging missions
• 11 bosses to defeat at the end of every mission
• Online support
• A scoreboard that allows players to compare their scores against other players of the game

The game has the traditional look of a vertical shooting game. However, it was further enhanced with very detailed visual graphics that gives it a fresh take on space shooting games.