Alien Sky 1.8.5

KraiSoft Entertainment (Proprietary)

Alien Sky is a casual shooter video game developed by KraiSoft Entertainment and was released in November 2003. This video game features an action, space adventure theme where players takes the role of a space pilot controlling a spacecraft in a series of missions to stop attacking alien forces. Alien Sky allows players to select from a variety of space fighters that has a different appearance, weaponry, and attributes such as speed, armor, and firepower. Players are also provided with different types of power ups that increase the spacecraft’s firepower, defense, and enhance the player’s fighting capability. The game’s main objective is for the player to survive each level by shooting down enemy spaceships while avoiding enemy fire. In Alien Sky, the alien spacecraft is capable of building barriers, ram the player’s spaceship with plasma bolts, steal the player’s power-ups, lay time charges, and attack in different formations. These enemies may appear and attack the player from different areas of the screen.

Alien Sky features 100 levels with scattered boss and bonus levels where players can rack up points and power ups. These power ups include special weapons such as homing missiles, sticky mines, scatter bombs, and nuclear bombs that could wipe out all enemies in the screen. Alien Sky also allows players to save their game progress and continue playing it later. Players can control their spacecraft using the keyboard or the mouse. Control buttons, sound effects, and background music can be configured in the game’s options menu.