Alien IP 2.30

Aha-soft (Freeware)

Alien IP is a utility that provides users with the ability to locate other computers anywhere in the world based on their IP addresses. Computers that are connected to the Internet have a unique IP address, and each address contains information about the network a computer is part of and where it is located. This application has a simple and clean interface with an intuitive layout, which contains a detailed world map that comes with zooming options. This enables users to get a better view of the location such as the town or the city where the IP address comes from.

With this application, users can look up a host country using an IP or a Web address. Users can also explore different country capitals as well as their coordinates. This lets users know more about the visitors to a website, as well as improve their geo-targeting marketing tasks. To search for the location of a particular IP address, users can simply type or copy it into Alien IP’s search field, and select one of the available actions such as obtaining the location and traceroute information.

One of the advanced tools provided is the IP calculator, which can be used to determine the decimal, binary, and hex values of a certain IP address. The calculator tool can also provide users with information about the IP range, which include details on the subnet mask and net address.