Alien Breed Impact

Team17 Software (Proprietary)

Alien Breed Impact is a classic shoot ‘em up arcade game in top-down style developed by team17 Software. It has a science fiction theme, in which players engage in battle with alien forces to save the Earth. The game has a single player mode in which players take part in a challenging campaign, and an online two-player mode in which two players team up in a cooperative battle mode. Players are equipped with high-impact weapons to shoot enemy forces with. In this mode, maps can be customized according to the players’ preferences.

In the campaign mode, players learn about the story of the game and travel through five vast and different space environments. There is also a free play mode for solo players, in which players strive to beat their own high score on a mission that has previously been completed. Through this mode, players can improve their skills to until they are ready for the more challenging missions.

Alien Breed Impact comes with a Prologue chapter in which players will be introduced to the game and its controls. This level can be played in either single-player or two-player mode online. In this game, players can search for cash and spend it on upgrades for weapons and other necessary items.