Alice Greenfingers 2 1.02

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Alice Greenfingers 2 is a casual computer game wherein the user has to manage a farm. This game stars the titular character - also the main character from the first game in the series. In this game, her uncle Berry has a farm that is already in shambles. He decides it is about time to revive the farm. However, he is too old to do so, and asks Alice for help. Alice's task is to bring the farm back to its former glory. She can do this by planting crops, taking care of animals, and other tasks around the farm.

Alice Greenfingers 2 lets the player design the layout of the plot where the crops are to be planted. The player plants seeds using a shovel. Sprinklers and watering cans can be used to water the plants. When the user is able to purchase upgrades, the player can buy items – such as fertilizers and fences - that can improve the plants and the entire farm. There are different goals in each level. For example, the user may be tasked to make a certain amount of money, grow certain plants, or sell certain items. Every level has no time limit. The player plays that level until the objective is met.