Alias Sketchbook Pro

Alias Systems (Shareware)

Alias Sketchbook Pro, developed by Alias and now owned by Autodesk, is an application that enables users to create digital drawings and concept sketches using tablet computers, graphic tablets, and even smartphones. The application provides users with different drawing and painting tools, such as markers, erasers, brushes, smear tools, and pencils. There are over a hundred illustration tools available, all organized into toolboxes. These tools have effects similar to traditional drawing materials to deliver realistic results.

The features of Alias Sketchbook Pro are the following:

• DIY brushes – users can customize their illustration tools to come up with their desired output. The brush size, roundness, stroke slant, transparency, and spacing can be easily altered.
• Color options – this application makes use of the Copic Color System as well as custom colors
• Designed for pen tablets – this program has been specially designed for use with a variety of pen tablets and other devices with a stylus
• Support for different file types – users can import and save files in BMP, GIF, TIFF, LPEG, and PNG image formats
• Customizable interface – the interface is simple, streamlined, and clutter-free, so users will find it easy to look for the tools they want to use. The program also provides a spacious drawing area.

Users can also create animations or flipbooks, as well as take screenshots for annotation and presentation purposes.