Algorius Net Watcher 2.1.1

Algorius (Freeware)

Algorius Net Watcher is a utility tool that monitors networks that are connected to a user’s machine. The security application is developed by Algorius Software, a company that develops and sells IT security tools.

As a monitoring tool, the application constantly checks all incoming and outgoing data to and from the user’s computer. This includes all ports that are connected, which means that local and wide area networks are also monitored. The program knows when an outsider attempt to gain access to the user’s machine, and promptly notifies the user of any potential threat related to the intrusion. When an external user is given permission to gain access to the owner’s computer and files, Net Watcher keeps a log of all files and executable programs that have been opened by outside agents. In addition, the program acts as a guard against security threats that may attempt to gain access to the owner’s computer via wireless network connections. Thus, it offers users an additional layer of security by fortifying defenses against possible threats that may pass through wireless networks.

When real-time monitoring is enabled, Net Watcher notifies the user through audio visual cues on screen of possible attacks, threats, and intrusions via all possible entry points. This ensures that the machine owner can take immediate and appropriate action to counter potential attacks, when necessary.