Algodoo 2.1.0

Algoryx (Shareware)

Algodoo is a two-dimensional physics sandbox program. With the application, users can create interactive environments using different tools that are built-in with the software. It can be used for planning inventions, exploring various subjects in physics, conducting experiments, and designing physics-based games. Some of the tools included in the application are shapes (circles, polygons, squares) and objects (gears, chains, planes, ropes, and different types of brushes). Algodoo provides an interactive environment where users can play with the elements by clicking and dragging them on the screen.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Physical elements – gravity, friction, springs, motors, optics and lenses, attraction, and restitution.
• Lesson plans – the program comes with a lesson library that consists of different materials that can be used as lecture materials or for studying.
• Advanced technology – Algodoo makes use of the advanced Algoryx Simulation AB technology for accurate physics simulation.
• Visualization and analyzation – the application allows users to visualize projects by using graphs.
• Scenes – the software comes with more than 50,000 themes that can be viewed in the Algobox. Users can also share their own creations with other Algodoo users.

The Algodoo program has an active online community where students, educators, and parents can share their Algodoo creations or discuss different topics.