Alexander The Great (Freeware)

Alexander the Great is a game in which players assume the role of the titular character and aim to conquer as many nations of the ancient world as possible. The year is 336 BC and as Alexander, players must use smart tactical skills in order to invade different cities by defeating the enemy troops. At the beginning of the game, players are presented with a map in which they can select a city to invade. Players can only invade the cities that are next to the territories that they have already conquered. When a city is clicked, the map will show its terrain and the city’s strength.

To start the game, players select a mission. The areas that may be invaded by players are identified and labeled with an “M”. Players can begin their campaign by selecting the city to invade and clicking the “Fight” button. Players will then be taken to the battlefield, where they can scroll to the right side in order to see the enemy’s position. Once players have taken note of where the enemies are, they can scroll back to the left side and begin buying and placing their own military units on the battlefield. Players can then set the fight mode that would suit the battle. The game has five attacking modes, namely Berserker, Defensive, Tactical, Normal, and Aggressive.