Stichting Aldfaer, Kollum (Freeware)

Aldfaer is a comprehensive genealogy program. Developed for managing tree data, this program was first developed in 1998 and originally called “Aunt Tyt.” Program code has been kept in the Foundation Aldfaer to ensure the program’s continued development and existence. Running under Windows, this freeware offers comprehensive support from the developer’s website.

In a nutshell, this program allows users to create family trees. However, the program has been released in the Dutch language. There is potential for this program to support other language such as English, German, Danish, and French. Right now, there are available templates for users who want it in English.

Aldfaer allows users to freely export tree data to the website, or use GEDCOM to keep in touch with other genealogical researchers. Aldfaer’s main functions include the ability to create reports called “templates” and support script language.

Products developed by Stichting Aldfaer may include a separate program: the GedComPare – an operations program for GEDCOM files processed or created by Aldfaer. Merging of several GEDCOM files as well as detection and removal of duplicate characters/persons in said data are included in the program’s operations.

Information that can be encoded in Aldfaer:

• Personal details
• Pictures/photos, note, sounds
• Birth Information
• Information on parents, both adaption and biological parents
• Relationship status
• Export option to GEDCOM