Alcoholer 4.1

RiCo (Freeware)

Alcoholer is an application primarily used for removing copyright protection from optical discs. It can also be used to copy the files from a disc to the computer, and also burn files to a disc. These functions are made possible with the help of other applications like BlindWrite and CloneCD. To use the program, these other apps must already be installed on the computer. The program is able to detect any protection on the disc through the help of the software called ClonyXXL. Burning files to the discs is made possible with the help of another application called Alcohol 120%. CloneCD helps in copying the disc files into the computer.

Alcoholer divides the interface into tabs. Each tab is dedicated to a specific utility. One tab is for the functions of the Alcohol 120%, another is for CloneCD, and so on. To start the program, the user can simply click on the start button in each tab. Each of the utilities can also be configured. For example, Alcohol 120% can be set to read data on the drive at maximum speed. Alcohol 120% also lets the player configure the output file’s properties and set the output format. CloneCD requires the user to select which folder the copied file should be saved in.