Alcohol 120% Trial

Alcohol Soft Development Team (Shareware)

The Alcohol 120% application is an all-in-one disk imaging emulator and CD/DVD burning software. Users can create copies of games, movies, CDs, and other multimedia disks that need to be backed up. They can have access to the licensed software even if the physical discs get damaged. The software archives recordable media collections and other licensed software for libraries and big businesses, too. It supports various image files, such as .iso, .cue, .ccd, .mds, and .bwt. Alcohol 120% also bypasses some copy protection systems like SecuROM, DPM, and SafeDisc.

Alcohol 120% has a wizard-based interface where users can create profiles. These profiles are where they can save their settings for copying games, audio, video, data, and other types of media. CDs and DVDs that are used often can be mounted as image files for ease of access. The software can run the Disk's image up to 200 times faster than when having to insert the physical disk in the optical drive. The mounted images from the Disks are listed on the software’s window and can be accessed without having to insert the discs in the drive each time they need to run a program. Alcohol 120% is available for both personal and business use.