Album Express 4.0

Fookes Software (Shareware)

Album Express is a simple tool for creating digital photo albums that can be sent to friends and family or uploaded on a personal website. The program is user-friendly and can be used by novice computer users. It has a wizard-style interface that takes users through the process of creating an album easily. The program is not only used as an album creator, it can also be used to manage and catalog photo collections.

The program already comes with several templates that users can choose from. Advanced users can create their own templates as well. The program supports a wide range of image file formats including PNG, JPEG, GIF, and many others. Once users have chosen a folder of images, the list can be filtered further. The photo list contains other information, such as the location of the file, the filename, file type, image size, dimensions (height and width), and the image description. When creating the album, users have complete control over the appearance. Some of the settings that can be tweaked include the album filename, maximum number of pictures for the album, background image used, color of the background, and color of the text. A preview of the album can also be viewed before building the album.