Album Art Downloader 0.45

Alex Vallat (Open Source)

Album Art Downloader (AAD) is a multimedia downloading program used for downloading album art based on user-defined configurations. It works by finding the cover art for a selected album based on the album’s name. To use it, users only have to input the name of album and the application automatically searches for various album art sources such as Coveralia, Amazon, and even GoogleImage. The program supports command-line parameters allowing users to control it via command-line. This feature also enables users to integrate the program with other software like Foobar2000.

Aside from finding album art, Album Art Downloader can also analyze files to search for Albums and Artists from filenames and/or tags. When integrated with Foobar2000, the program can read its playlist or media library instead. The program can also preview searched album art. Saving searched album art can be done via the Save As button or via a drag-and-drop method. All album art that the program found can be sorted or grouped via controls. Filtering the result list is possible as well. The result list can be filtered by cover types or image size. Aside from the album art thumbnail, the program also displays brief information about the album art.