AlarmSimple 1.4

Patrick Dugan (Freeware)

AlarmSimple is a simple tool that serves as an alarm clock on the computer desktop. The program has a simple and small graphical user interface that allows users to set up different alarms on the computer. The main window is where users can change the settings for the alarm clock. The hour and minutes of the alarm can be set, as well as the day when the alarm will go off. The alarm can be for just one instance or for a recurring time.

The difference between AlarmSimple and a standard alarm clock is that users can add their own WAV file to be used as the alarm tone. This can be done by clicking on the “Browse” button beside WAV and adding a WAV file. Additionally, users can also launch a program as the alarm by choosing the executable file of the application. Users can also test the alarms by clicking on the “Test” button beside each category. A message can also be displayed on the desktop when the alarm goes off.

Other features of the AlarmSimple application are the following:

• Simple and easy to use even for beginners
• Can be set to alarm at specific hours and minutes
• Allows users to create an alarm schedule