Alarm 2.0.6

Bluefive software (Freeware)

Alarm is a small alarm clock that can be accessed through the desktop or the task bar. The application is used for setting alarms for important appointments while users are busy doing other activities on the computer. It eliminates the need to keep track of time and appointments manually by checking the calendar or the wall clock. It has a small user interface that displays time similar to that of a digital clock. The color and size of the numbers are easily adjustable, too.

To set the alarm, the user just needs to enter the time when the alarm needs to go off. The preferences menu allows the users to modify the alarm display including what messages need to pop up. The alarm can also come with music and can be personalized by getting the music from users’ private music libraries. The Quick menu, on the other hand has preset intervals which will dictate when the alarm will go off if users do not want to go into much detail or do not need to personalize settings. Similar to a portable clock, it has a snooze option and the interval can be set depending on the user’s preference. The tool is straightforward and easy to use.